To Love an Animal is to share your heart, but the love from an animal opens your heart,,
Jerry and Lisa Miller
Pet Lovers and Rescue Supporters
My wife and I started our journey September 22, 2007 when we joined hands in marriage. As in many of life's ups and downs we fell upon hardship in December of 2009. We found out due to medical issues we would not be able to have children of our own but that wasn't going to stop us from having a family!
Our first addition to our family was Rhori. We brought him home from PA in August of 2010. Rhori is a Rhodesian Ridgeback that is so laid back and very loving. He greets everyone with a "Big Hug and Kiss" at the door.
The second addition to the family was Chloe. Chloe was living in the woods behind our house in December of 2011. She would come and greet Rhori at the fence every morning when he went out to potty. I told my wife about her and we knew we had to do something. Well it took over a week but my wife finally convinced Chloe to allow us to care for her. After many attempts to find her owner and many visits to the vet we nursed Chloe back to health and welcomed her to our pack with open arms. Chloe is the protector of the pack. She acts as a mother figure to our boys.
Our final and most famous addition to the pack was Rigby, the dog known world wide. Rigby joined our pack in June of 2012. He was a rescue in need of a home. Originally we were going to foster him till a permanent home could be found. But after caring for him and falling in love with his charismatic personality we knew he had to stay. There is never a dull moment with Rigby as he is always full of surprises.

Rigby Miller and
"The Flower"

When posting a picture of our Weimaraner Rigby on Facebook we never guessed in our wildest dreams it would go viral. We also never guessed how many people would use it without our consent claiming it as their own photo. None the less Rigby's photo has made it around the world and back bringing smiles to millions of people in need of a "Pick Me Up". To so many people in the world out there a simple photo can change the course of their whole day. We are just grateful Rigby was able to be a part of that.
We started Rigby's website and Facebook Page to pay it forward and help spread even more joy to the world. We hope that all you fellow "Animal Lovers" out there join us in this journey to bring "Smiles" to the world one, " Funny Furry Photo", at a time. 
Meet The Pack
  1. Rhori "Pooty Poot" Miller
    Rhodesian Ridgeback
  2. Chloe "Eleanor" Miller
    Yellow Lab
  3. Rigby "Baby" Miller
Rigby's Fight For Life

It's with a very heavy heart and tear stained face I have to tell you Rigby is now our angel! Rigby fought a valiant, courageous fight against Acute Leukima...he left on his terms not cancers! we love you guys! We appreciate your prayers, support, and kind messages. It makes a life worth living in 4.8 short years to know how many lives he has inspired, touched, and how many strangers love our boy. Our hearts, our souls, and our bodies ache from the pain we feel. He acquired his wings around 12:39am. We love you Rigby! Thank you for making a difference in our lives buddy! ​#TEAMRIGBY #RIGBYSLEGACY

Rigby has a GoFund Me Page set up for donations to the family. We also have custom socks and t-shirts for sale in hopes to raise money and tell his story. If you are unable to donate finically we ask that you make a simple but kind gesture and  help spread the word. Please go to Rigby's Facebook Page and give him a "Like" and a "Share".

"All support is greatly appreciated"